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I would like to say that I am Proud to be a Ghanaian. I am also proud to be a serving member of the Ghana Police Service and it is this Pride and a strong sense of purpose that allows me to carry myself with dignity to be able to strive for excellence in all that I have done in Ghana and Internationally.

Against the backdrop of rising economic challenges, changing demographics, high unemployment, people migrations across West Africa, global disruptions in markets and the rapid pace of technological change, a new type of Policing and Police Officers are required to respond to these challenges and address the concerns of law abiding citizens who require both information based services in real time and protection of life and property.


The Police have always faced difficult challenges in the effort to create and maintain safe communities. The police have always needed to adapt to changing political, social, and economic circumstances. Some changes have been transformative in shaping contemporary policing strategies. Advances in technology, improved education and training, and increasingly sophisticated analytical tools have all had significant positive impacts on the profession. Other changes have presented daunting challenges for police officers. Managing communication in the hyper connected world of social media is testing our abilities to balance transparency and investigative integrity. The complexity of the issues—crime, safety, resources, policies, costs, use of force, misconduct, and others—requires well-crafted strategies.


We have to be effective and we need to push the boundaries of agility. The police play a fundamental role in a “joined-up justice system”. Integrating the criminal justice system” is not only required but it is a necessity for the effective management and delivery of justice in the current democratic dispensation and it is a critical building block in turning a disparate collection of processes and agencies into a more streamlined holistic public service which delivers swift and effective justice.


The best approach to crime reduction and prevention is through collaboration both between the criminal justice agencies and with the local communities around the whole country. The need for better integration between police, social services, the courts, probation, and ministry of justice and now with private companies is more pertinent now than ever before given our goal for 2017 - 2020. Deep and meaningful partnerships are essential to collectively deliver improved outcomes for all involved. The only way to really transform the delivery of services is in partnership with staff from across criminal justice; from police officers in neighborhoods, prison staff, immigration staff, Customs, probation right through to specialist workers in voluntary and community organizations, small private sector organizations and other partners.


What is different this time round is our experience and desire under the new government to truly join-up systems. The key in all this is to form meaningful partnerships that are open and transparent, recognizing the value that all parties bring and empowering staff to turn ideas into new services. This increasingly complex and demanding environment creates both enormous opportunities and challenges for police. Diverse audiences with wide-ranging interests and varying levels of engagement.


A higher level of professionalism is required in order to be efficient and effective in dealing with the various challenges and opportunities that this new era ushers in. I am aware of the concerns that the people of Ghana have about the Police and their desire to see a transformed Police Service capable of meeting their needs. Notwithstanding the concerns, the public is also aware that they cannot do without Police; and deep down inside every law abiding citizen has the hope and belief that the Police can do better. I also believe that the Police can do better.


Therefore, in consultation with the Police Management and Advisory Board (POMAB), I have put forward a clear plan based on the vision of the Ghana Police Service “To be a World Class Police Service capable of delivering, planned, democratic, protective, and peaceful services up to standards of international best practice”. In order to achieve this vision every single Police Officer must be able to understand what this means and know how to translate it into every day policing to serve the public with honor and integrity.


Each Officer must live by this vision and show it in the professional discharge of their duties. I want each Officer to be Proud to be a Ghana Police Officer, to be able to show both the Ghanaian public and International community that we have decided to set a new course and to be one of the best examples of Policing globally.  The vision of the Ghana Police Service in the current environment today may seem to be a daunting almost appearing to be an impossible tasks, many people will say how is this possible however I firmly believe that we have the right leadership in place in the Police Service and across the country at this moment in time to make this vision a reality.


I believe that whatever we commit our minds to we can achieve as long as we start to see ourselves differently. It is time for Police Officers to rise above all the challenges that is around us and see ourselves as agents of change. We can make Ghana proud and we definitely will.


To achieve this I have set up a Ghana Police Service Transformation Programme to manage and deliver the 13 strategic objectives clearly stated by the President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo in his Manifesto for reforming the Police; and five (5) other key themes including the Strategic plan and objectives of the Ghana Police Service under the Five-year Strategic National Policing Plan 2010 – 2014 which will help drive the realization of the strategic objectives and the vision of the Ghana Police Service.


I will be driving this transformation initiative with the support of the Minister of Interior, all Security Agencies in collaboration with both international agencies and private companies.


We have an ambitious goal to realize the vision of the Ghana Police Service within four years. To successfully do this we are transforming our way of operating by adopting the Agile way of working. By so doing we intend to be the first Police Organization in Africa and globally to fully become an Agile Organization following the example and practices of leading organizations such as the FBI, CIA, British Police, the British Government (Government Digital Services) and many international companies such as KLM, Capital One Bank, Google, ING, Facebook, What’s App, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, Philips, BBC, GSK, Sky Television, Visa and many more


Agile is a mindset, a set of values which have resulted in a number of lightweight technical and management practices focusing on continuous improvement. We will use an Agile framework called “Scrum” to enable us deliver this huge transformation in a iterative and incremental manner focusing always on the most important and valuable items and actions that are required to see results every 28 days or else. This is a high performing framework that allows us to respond to change and manage risk whilst continuously seeking ways to reflect and improve. Finally we are working to be a digital police organization, using the best technology on the market to deliver services via mobile phones through the Police Mobile App. We will be automating all our processes and systems where required from backend services such as communication between headquarters and the regions,


every police station should shift from paper to a computer based system making our organization as paperless as possible and also supporting our frontline operations with the latest technology. CCTVs at traffic lights, speed cameras, vehicle theft detecting equipment, new GPS systems to track all our vehicles, police movements and where we have property or assets that require monitoring. Many of our people will be going for training and up skilling so that we can be more customer centric, innovative, and efficient. Many of these changes will impact people, processes and technology. To become Agile and Digital I am bringing together under the Transformation Programme Office some of the best minds and experts from around the World to lead the Transformation Programme, offer guidance, training and coaching, collaborate and work alongside our Officers


I call upon all law abiding citizens to work with us so that through a strong community based partnership we can effectively deliver the services that are required in the various communities around the country. I also call on the media to support us and together we can realize the vision of a world class Police Service in Ghana.


Thank you for supporting me and for your participation in this noble and mission critical assignment.



David Asante-Apeatu

Inspector General of Police

Ghana Police Service


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