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The Regional Commander


                                                                                BRIEF HISTORY OF THE VOLTA REGIONAL POLICE

 The Volta Regional Police was established on the 11th of February 1947. The Regional Headquarters was originally  housed at the arms of Central Police Station building opposite the regional branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank at the heart of the Volta Regional Capital, Ho.   The first Regional Commander was Senior Assistant of Police Mr. E.J. Doxat.  He held the position from the above mentioned date of the establishment till 22nd Febuary, 1948

Under the visionary  leadership of ACP J.H. Aklamanu a huge edifice  was constructed on the main Ho-Accra road as offices for the Regional Police Command to meet the envisaged challenges. Upon completion of the project in the year 1990, ACP Mr. J.H Aklamanu became the 35th Regional Police Commander.

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge.  But suffice  to state a synopsis  of all the notable Volta Regional Commanders past and present ;  the present  Inspector –General of Police Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye who was the 43rd  Regional Commander is worth mentioning and celebrating. Also worth mentioning  as an ‘ alumni’ of the commander of the Volta Regional Police Command is the Paramount Chief of Anlo, Togbui SRI II, known in private life as Mr. Patric E.Agboba. He was the 32nd  Volta Regional Police Commander. The current Volta Regional Commander is DCOP Mr. Alex Bedie. His Deputy is ACP Mr. Samuel Lartey . The crime officer is D.S.P Mr.Reuben Asiwoko.

The vision statement of the Volta Regional Police Command is to be a world class Police Service delivering planned, democratic, protective and peaceful services  up to the standards of international best practices.
It’s mission statement is that it exist to give services in crime prevention, detection apprehension and prosecution of offenders, consistent with the expectations of Ghanaian  stakeholder for maximum protection, safety, security and peaceful communities.  It is important to say that the duality  of the vision statement and mission statement is a hybrid of the concept of globalization and the strategic National Policing Plan 2012 -2014.

The Region is made up of five (5) Divisions :  that is Ho Division, Keta Division, Hohoe Division, Tongu Divison and Kete-Krachi Division.  It has 21 Districts and 76 Stations. As at July, 2012 the manpower strength is 1206 comprising 49 officers and 1157 others.

The proximity of the Volta Region to Togo predisposes it to cross-border crime.  Some years  down the line, the frequently committed crime has been stealing, assult, threat of harm causing unlawful damage.  Others from the perspective of DOVVSU are offensive conduct, defilement, rape and threatening other challenges include transport, constraints, accommodation- residential and offices .  It will not be a hyperbole to state that ICT is the artery of all human endeavour.  Unfortunately most stations are without computers and printers. Where it exist most stations are without printers and other accessories .  The region has only four (4) ICT professionals.  Not withstanding this gargantuan constraint the Volta Region is one of the most peaceful region in Ghana. (To plagiarise   Chinua Acheba , since the birds of the air have learnt to fly without perching,  the hunter will also learn how to shoot without missing).

In light of these, the Volta Regional Police Command has been procreative in creating   congenial atmosphere for regional and national.  The Regional Police Command employs synergy in relation to all stakeholders , The Ghana Armed Forces , Customs Exercise and Preventive  , Ghana Fire Service,  Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service and the Media for effective policing.  The mechanism of tent-cities and Community Policing marshaled around engagement with the communities and informants have been very critical in bringing policing to the door-step of the citizenry.