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Author: WebSec/Friday, November 13, 2015/Categories: Top News

The Police Administration has commenced its periodic administrative exercise of replenishing the clothing and other accoutrements stock of personnel of the Service.

The nation-wide exercise involves the distribution of items like uniform, raincoats, berets, combat belts, whistles, Senior Officer Zip boots, and boots for the rank and file. Currently the teams formed to undertake the exercise are touring all Police Commands across the country to ensure that the job is effectively done.

Firm directives have been issued to the distributing teams to follow the laid-down processes to ensure that each and every Police Officer is duly served, and the requisite entries made to that effect.

Meanwhile, the Police Administration wishes to state that it has observed a worrying phenomenon of some Police accoutrement, especially uniform falling into the hands of some unauthorized persons and organizations, namely private security companies, individual security guards and others.

The Police wishes to state that it is an offence for a person or group of persons, other than Police Officers to use or be in possession of any Police accoutrement. Possession of any Police accoutrement contravenes Section 28 [1] of the Police Service Act, 1970 [Act 350], which stipulates that:

A person who is not a Police Officer who possesses an article which is part of the clothing, accoutrements or equipment supplied to a Police Officer and who is not able satisfactorily to account for the possession of it, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred and fifty penalty units or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or to both the fine and the imprisonment.

Furthermore, Section 28 [3] of the same Act also outlaws the use of the said items: 

A person who possesses wears or uses an article so closely resembling a part of the uniform of a Police Officer as to be likely to deceive commits a misdemeanour.

Anyone caught in breach of this Act would, therefore, be arrested and prosecuted.



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