Road Traffic law

In carrying out these functions and activities, personnel of the unit are guided by the following Road Traffic Rules and Regulations. 
The Road Traffic Ordinance (RTO) No. 55152 [Parent Law] 
L.I. 952/74 (Amendment) 
L.I. 953/74 (Amendment) 
L.I. 1643/98 (Amendment as to Punishment etc) 
L.I. 1605/98 (Amendment Embossment of Registration Numbers) 
Act 553/98 (Amendment Careless/Reckless/Drunk Driving and punishment) 
Act 556/98 (Amendment; Roadworthiness Certificate) 
L.I. 1663/99 (Amendment; Retesting/Suspension of driving licence) 
I./ 1662/99 (Amendment; Traffic Offences 
Act 567199 (Road Safety Commission Act) 
L.I. 1687/2001 (Amendment to 1643 Vehicle Registration and other fees) 
L.I. 1592/94 (Use of Petroleum Gas) 

Act 34/2002 (Use of Right-hand steering vehicles) etc. 

Together, all these laws, rules and regulations yield over 300 road traffic offences. The most prevalent and recurring offences are:

  1. Passing through red light
  2. Driving on the shoulders of the road
  3. Picking passengers at prohibited areas
  4. Drunk driving
  5. Overspeeding
  6. Wrongful overtaking
  7. Failing to regularize vehicle documents such as Insurance, Road -Certificates, driving licence etc.
  8. Causing road obstruction
  9. Causing inconvenience to passengers
  10. Wrongful selection of lane etc.

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