Road Safety Agencies

Road Safety generally has five components, namely; 
• Engineering 
• Enforcement 
• Education 
• Evaluation 
• Emergency

The agencies involved in Road Safety in the country therefore include;

• The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) - responsible for Education 
• The Department of Urban Roads (DUR) - responsible for road construction and maintenance/education 
• The Department of Feeder Roads (DFR) - road construction and maintenance/education. 
• Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) - road construction and maintenance education. 
• The DVLA - responsible for Licensing/Education and Enforcement 
• The Police (MTTU) - enforcement and education. 
• The Roads Department of Metropolitan and District Assemblies - road construction, road signs and markings/education. 
• The Courts - punishment. 
• The Various Driver Unions - Education and discipline of their drivers. 
• The Health Institutions - First aid and treatment of victims. 

The Police (MTTD), therefore, does not and should not be seen to be operating or undertaking its activities in isolation.

The Directorate thus collaborates with these agencies where necessary.

For example, if there is a problem at a particular point or section of the road like a pothole or lack of particular road sign/marking creating undue congestion or a traffic problem, the Directorate has to draw the attention of the agency concerned for correction.

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