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i. Traffic Control and Management
ii. Enforcement of Road Traffic Rules and Regulations
iii. Investigation into and collection of data on accident cases reported.
iv. Escort and Dispatch Duties,
V. Education of drivers and the general public on Road Safety matters.


Out of the above functions, the Directorate has set for itself the following objectives;

i. To prevent and detect motor crimes and offences
ii. To prevent loss of lives and damage to property on our roads.
iii. To ensure free flow of motor traffic.
iv. To arrest and prosecute motor offenders.
v. To educate all road users.


The preoccupation of the Directorate countrywide over the years has been how to realize its objectives in the face of mounting pressure resulting from an increased volume of both vehicular and human traffic, the blatant disregard of Road Traffic Rules and Regulations by road users, frequent traffic congestions and the high rates of accidents. One can also not forget the image problems afflicting the Unit which in turn affect the Police Service as a whole.

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