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Security Guidelines

We advise you to:
2. Have well trained dogs who would alert you of an intruder in the house.

Another way will be to:
3. Employ private security personnel to keep watch.
4. Educate your security people to question any suspicious persons who appear to be spying on you. Call the Police and give such information to them.

5. Do not struggle with robbers when they succeed in getting into your premises, because your life at that time will be at risk. What you have to do is try to observe the mannerism of your attackers, i.e. their voice, their gait, their height, colour and any other features you can observe. Most of the time, robbers look for big sums of money, jewelry, sound systems, camera, mobile phones, clothing and other valuable items.

You will:
6. Refrain from keeping large sums of money on you. You may decide to keep and withdraw your money at the bank near to your destination. You will also give a particular identification mark to all your home electrical appliances, i.e. TV sets, video decks, sound systems, cameras etc. By marking your property, it will assist you to get back your stolen property.

7. Armed robbers use blocks and other implements to gain access into the premises of their victims. You will reinforce your main doors with iron gates which will be difficult to break in. Avoid leaving in your premises pieces of blocks which will lend as ready tools for your attackers.

8. Be on good terms with your neighbours so they will be ready to assist you in times of any attack. Help nurture a neighbourhood watch committee in your various areas and sustain it by making monetary contributions towards the upkeep of the committee. Be sure you present the members of the committee for vetting lest you employ criminals to keep watch over your property. Exchange telephone numbers with your neighbours, watch closely vehicles which you suspect are trailing you and drive to a safer place.

Leaving Your Home for a trip

When leaving your home for a trip or a holiday you must consider the following;

  • Ask your neighbour or friend to keep eye on your house and remove mail from the door mat. Persuade him to keep your lawn trimmed and if possible parka car on your drive.
  • You may also subtly cancel deliveries of newspapers etc.
  • Remove valuable or attractive items from view through your windows.
  • Make sure your garage doors are always locked.
  • Ensure that all windows are closed and locked, and all keys removed from the locks.
  • Don't close curtains or blinds as they are a giveaway during the day.
  • If you have an alarm, make sure it is set and you have informed your trusted neighbour.

Remember to lock away gardening tools and equipment in your garden shed; they make very good house breaking tools for the casual thief. If you have a ladder ensure that it cannot be used to gain access to open upstairs windows.

Keep all garden fences in good repair and always padlock gates.

Keep plants, hedges, and shrubs in your front garden below window sill height, also trim out the bottom growth of trees. Why give a burglar a screen to work behind.

Consider any of the following

If you haven't joined one, do so now. Neighbourhood watch enables you to join with neighbour to fight local crime and help keep each other's property safe. Those living where there isn't any, get one going.


Just like neighbourhood watch, whatever your organization makes or sells, you will have security problems in common with others around you.By linking together in a Business Watch, you can defeat the villains. Initiate moves and form Business Watch.


Good lighting will deter the thief at night. There is now manually controlled photoelectric cell or movement detector lights which illuminate the porch and garden areas. This type of lighting switches on when movement is detected.


if you have an entry phone system installed in your house make sure you check the identity of any caller before allowing access. If you do not have any try and install one.