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Security Tips & Tourist Safety



 1.   Burglary   
 2. Secure sliding glass
 3.  Auto Theft       
 4.  Trim trees and shrubs

 Security Guideline

The mission of the Police Service is to provide you with the level of Security you need to enable you go about your duties in peace.
This is in recognition of the fact that you dutifully meet your tax obligations and we on our part have to make it possible for you to enjoy the peace that you deserve. Unfortunately we are not able to meet your security needs without you taking steps to assist in your own security.
We would therefore make certain suggestions for us to discuss how feasible their implementations are.
We have observed that most of the robberies recorded took place after midnight.
1. We have always mentioned that we lack manpower, logistics etc. It is therefore difficult to get permanent Police guard for people who request.  >>>

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Safety Tip

Trim trees and shrubs near doors and windows to prevent burglars from hiding in them. Leave lights on when closing your shops or leaving your home in the night. Be cautious of workers and contractors working in your house or neighbours house. Getting a dog can create the noise that burglars would always avoid.