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The Police Service is a single cohesive unit, organized on national basis with a unified command under the leadership of the INSPECTOR-GENERAL OF POLICE (IGP), who, subject to any direction/directives from the Police Council, is responsible for exercising general day-to-day supervision and control over the ADMINISTRATION and OPERATION of the Police Service.

The Police Service, which has a very compact but flexible organization, aims at accomplishing the Service’s MISSION at all times.

The following are the main functions of the service:

  • The protection of life and property 
  • Prevention and detection of crime 
  • Apprehension and prosecution of offenders 
  • Preservation of peace and good order
  • Enforcement of all laws Acts, Decrees and other regulations with which it is directly charged.


To ensure a peaceful and safe environment to facilitate economic and social activities as a pre-requisite for making Ghana a Gateway to West Africa.

  • To deliver professional security service for all citizens and non-citizens resident in Ghana. 
  • To make the country a safe place for legitimate business transactions.

  • To be honest in our activities. To be firm but fair.
  •  Work in partnership with the community.

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